The ETC has published an Insights Briefing as part of its conceptual framework to assess the role of carbon dioxide removals to reach net-zero. The paper, which can be accessed here, is a summary of key insights from a wider report due to publish later in 2021.

With COP beginning on Monday, the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) is today issuing its Insights Briefing on carbon dioxide removals. The briefing – Reaching climate objectives – the role of carbon dioxide removals highlights that a combination of natural climate solutions and engineered carbon dioxide removals will be required to keep the world on a trajectory towards 1.5°C. Importantly, a large portfolio of removals will need to be scaled up from today – alongside, but not instead of deep and rapid decarbonisation – if the world is to achieve its climate objectives. You can download the CDR Insights Briefing here.

In summary, the briefing looks at:

  • The scale of carbon dioxide removals required
  • Types of carbon dioxide removal and their feasible scale by 2050
  • The risks involved in different types of CDR and how to manage them
  • Who should pay for removals: countries and/or companies? And how does the purchase of removals fit into the wider debate about carbon markets for reduction offsets as well as removals
  • The actions needed in the 2020s to ensure subsequent removals occur at sufficient scale

The ETC will also be hosting a webinar today to present key points of the briefing at 16.00 to 17.00 BST. Please register here if you would like to join.