The ETC is proud to have partnered with Climate-KIC, European Climate Foundation, Sitra Fund and Material Economics to produce their latest EU Biomass report.

The ETC developed the analytical work alongside Material Economics to refine global perspectives on the role of bioresources in a net-zero economy. Their deep dive on bioresource use in Europe provides a stark reminder that a course correction on biomass supply is urgently needed regionally.
The capacity of biomass to replace fossil fuels and feedstock is undoubted. But its production and extraction also profoundly affects natural systems. This new report “EU biomass use in a net-zero economy – A course correction for EU biomass” highlights three key findings:

1.Current climate scenarios risk over-reliance on biomass, claiming 50-100% more than is sustainably available.

2.The future use of biomass should prioritise materials and select specialised niches of energy use.

3.A net-zero transition with lower biomass claims is feasible and more cost-effective than the current trajectory.

This urgent caution around biomass demand-supply gap is analysed from a global view in the ETC’s new Bioenergy report due to be published on Tuesday 6 July 2021.