At the Energy Transitions Commission we are delighted to announce that Ita Kettleborough, has been appointed Director. Ita joined the ETC in December 2019 as Deputy Director and during this time has led our organisation’s analytical work and regional programmes. This appointment comes at a critical time for the energy transition with the need to accelerate action in the next decade to keep full decarbonisation by mid-century within reach.

Faustine Delasalle, who has led the ETC since its inception in 2016, will continue to work with the team as Vice-Chair. In her new role, Faustine will work as a strategic advisor, working alongside our Chair Adair Turner and Ita in supporting the growth and impact of the ETC. She will continue to orchestrate the ETC’s contribution to the Mission Possible Partnership, a partnership between climate leading organisations focused on decarbonising the harder-to-abate industry and mobility sectors, and also work to expand the ETC’s European engagement in the context of the EU Fit-for-55 package and of the European energy crisis.

“During Faustine’s tenure, the ETC has grown to become a thriving coalition of 50+ energy, industry and civil society leaders from across the globe and has sown a network of national initiatives across four continents. It was one of the first organisations to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of achieving net-zero globally by mid-century and is widely recognised as a trusted source of analysis and insights by corporates, financial institutions and governments alike,” commented Adair Turner.

Faustine Delasalle, said, “I am incredibly proud of what the ETC has achieved over the last 6 years, creating confidence in the feasibility of the transition to net-zero and informing corporate, finance and policy leaders. This is truly a collective success, made possible by the dedication of an excellent team, the leadership of ETC Commissioners, and the collaboration with a wide network of partners. I am excited to continue contributing to the ETC’s success going forward, while also pursuing other avenues to support companies and organisations who are ready to act with courage and generosity to achieve massive reductions in GHG emissions in the next 8 years”.

Ita Kettleborough commented, “It is a privilege to be able to lead the ETC into its next chapter. The ETC is a powerful thought partnership of leaders from across the energy landscape tackling the hard questions raised by the profound transformation required of our energy system. As time slips by in this most critical of decades, we must relentlessly focus on how to accelerate decarbonisation in the next 8 years – highlighting the critical actions government, corporates and finance can and must take today to together build a net-zero economy by mid-century.”

The ETC Team
Ita Kettleborough will be supported in her new role by the ETC’s senior leadership team which includes Mike Hemsley, Head of Strategic Analysis and Insights; Manosij Ganguli, Head of Mobility Decarbonisation; Alasdair Graham, Head of Industry Decarbonisation; and Caroline Randle, Head of Communications.