Making Zero-Emissions Trucking Possible

July 2022

In this report, “Making Zero Emissions Trucking possible: An industry-backed, 1.5°C aligned Transition Strategy,” backed by industry leaders, the Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) has released a transition strategy outlining how the heavy-duty trucking sector can reach zero emissions by 2050. This report details a future of zero-emissions trucks and a rapid roll-out of supporting infrastructure. With trucking demand in China, Europe, India, and the United States expected to more than double by 2050, the need for quick action is clear.

Endorsed by major global players involved in MPP’s Road Freight Zero coalition, including ABB, DP DHL Group, and IKEA Supply, MPP’s Trucking Sector Transition Strategy provides a shared vision for the industry’s low-carbon future, detailing real economy milestones for not just 2050, but also for the near-term.

By creating a comprehensive transition strategy, this multi-dimensional report addresses the current landscape of efforts and the progress that will need to take place in both the near and long term. By outlining a range of decarbonization options including technology readiness, availability, applicability, cost, and resource efficiency, this report provides a tangible roadmap for change.

With trucking demand surging globally, it is increasingly clear that this is an important sector to decarbonise. A swift, decisive move to zero-emissions trucks and a rapid rollout of infrastructure are needed to achieve net zero by 2050.



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