Achieving Green Steel: Roadmap to a Net Zero Steel Sector in India

August 2022

Steel industry in India

The steel sector in India plays an important role in the Indian economy and has been a core pillar of India’s industrial development. As a critical input for various sectors, steel will play a major role in helping India support the infrastructure that facilitates growth, the housing that drives urbanisation, and the machinery and tools that power industrialisation. The steel sector in India is expected to experience significant growth in the coming decades to satisfy these demands.

Actions to achieve net zero Indian steel

If India is to continue to show leadership on climate change and future-proof its steel industry for a net zero world, then an ambitious strategy for emissions reduction is required. In doing so, India can pioneer a model of “industrialisation without carbonisation”, setting an example for emerging economies around the world. This report sets out such a strategy, by detailing the short-term (2020-2030) and the long-term (2030 onwards) actions required to achieve net-zero emissions for the sector by 2070.

This roadmap is a follow-up to the consultation document published in 2020, “Towards a Low Carbon Steel Sector: An overview of the changing market, technology and policy context for Indian steel”. Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) India is a research platform based in The Energy and
Resources Institute (TERI) in Delhi. ETC India is the Indian chapter of the global Energy Transitions Commission.



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