Steeling Demand: Mobilising buyers to bring net-zero steel to market before 2030

June 2021

Steeling DemandMobilising buyers to bring net-zero steel to market before 2030 demonstrates that demand signals from steel buyers to steel manufacturers can help unlock investment decisions. Such signals will secure the next generation of breakthrough technologies needed for primary steel to become truly net-zero.

Players in sectors that consume large volumes of steel – such as the automotive, construction, renewable energy and white goods sectors – can differentiate their end products, anticipate potential regulatory measures and establish credible net-zero pathways by being early adopters of low-CO2 steel. The next five years will be critical for investment due to the long asset lifespan of steel assets.

This report provides the guidance needed to the critical stakeholders on how to seize this associated commercial opportunity for steel buyers in being early movers and actively participating in the commercialisation of low-CO2 primary steel production technologies.

This report was developed by the Energy Transitions Commission and Material Economics on behalf of the Mission Possible Partnership Net-Zero Steel Initiative, with support from Breakthrough Energy.



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Steeling Demand: Mobilising Buyers To Bring Net-Zero Steel To Market Before 2030 Front Cover