Ten Critical Insights On The Path To A Net-Zero Aviation Sector

October 2021

This report has been superseded by the Aviation Transition Strategy report published in July 2022.

Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) together with the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition, has launched a sector transition strategy for the aviation industry. This lays out what it will take for global aviation to get to net-zero emissions by 2050, including a complete phase out of fossil jet fuel. The strategy focuses on the need to ramp up the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) as well as new hydrogen and battery-electric propulsion aircraft. It also includes details on the recommended annual investment of US$300 billion, primarily in the fuel supply chain, required to implement decarbonization plans for the sector.

The ten critical insights on the path to a net-zero aviation sector, unveiled by MPP, articulate a climate-ambition pathway, aimed at informing executives in the aviation value chain and policymakers about how to reach these bolder targets, by highlighting the technology deployment, timing, and the cost and scale of actions necessary to deliver net-zero within the sector.



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Ten Critical Insights On The Path To A Net-Zero Aviation Sector - Report Front Cover