Energy Transition Initiative Japan

Japan’s uniqueness as a region lies in its industrial structure with a high share of hard-to-abate sectors and constraints in its renewable energy potential.

The Energy Transition Initiative – Centre for Global Commons (ETI-CGC) was formed in 2021 at COP26, between select Japanese companies and the University of Tokyo. The purpose of the platform is for collaboration between industry and academia to develop pathways for Japan to achieve decarbonisation.

The Global Commons Centre (CGC) is a university-wide initiative aiming to strengthen its mission to contribute to the net-zero transition and operates as a platform secretariat for the ETI. Supported by the ETC, the CGC aims to drive progress toward the global common goal. Collaborating corporate members include leading Japanese companies from the Energy, Materials, Transport, Finance, Building, Trading, Technology and Industrial Products industries.

Photo of japanese kites
reduction aim in CO2 emissions (compared to 2013 levels) in Japan by 2030
offshore wind and estimated 144 GW onshore wind potential could make Japan a leader in wind energy production

ETI-CGC’s approach to Japan’s energy pathways

The overall research plan for the ETI-CGC is segmented into two distinct work strategies:

  1. The energy transition strategy, studying the scenario(s) for a carbon-neutral energy system in Japan by 2050.
  2. 2050 future vision strategy, aiming to organise the academic knowledge of the University of Tokyo and other institutions to draw up a vision for Japan’s future society and industry of 2050, examining the direction of system transformation in economic and social systems, industrial structures and lifestyles.

With the development of these pathways the ETI-CGC aims to become an international model case for countries with unique local circumstances. This will subsequently enable the platform to make contributions to the global energy transition.

For more information, please contact  or Professor Masakazu Sugiyama visit https://cgc.ifi.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/research-en/eti-cgc-en/

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